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M.A.D.E. IN MITA – Metal Accessories
Digital Evolution IN MITA

Level of language proficiency required: Knowledge of English at least at ALTE1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Description: M.A.D.E. IN MITA with its very strong trend towards innovation, represents the third step of development and professionalisation that ITS MITA implements in the field of small parts. The two previous editions of the accessory technician, have increasingly introduced the concept of engineering and digitization of the product. The project proposes the figure of technician with technical/technological/design skills in the cycle of metalworking, precious and non-precious, destined to the growing demand for the production of accessories/minutries for the finishing of fashion products.
In the educational plan, the aspect of technological research and the study of both theoretical and practical applications of industry 4.0 are translated into distinctive skills of the reference profile. Additive Manufacturing becomes one of the key factors of the project. In addition to digital didactics, M.A.D.E. IN MITA, allows the acquisition, among others, of skills related to the history of jewellery, prototyping and reverse engineering techniques of jewellery, material and components of metal accessories, rhinoceros prototyping, plug-in, study of the fashion supply chain and the application of the metal complement to the leather accessory, to the garment. The figure thus structured, responds to the needs, expressed by the major brands in the fashion sector, to counter the competition from Asian countries.

Main contents of the didactic program: 

  • Health and safety
  • Business administration, labour law
  • Elements of descriptive statistics
  • Basic Information Technology
  • Fashion system organisation
  • Goldsmith supply chain organisation
  • History of jewellery and cultural heritage
  • Tools and techniques for the management of interpersonal, digital and working group relationships
  • Problem setting and problem solving and complexity analysis
  • Planning and project management
  • Communication design
  • Operational and international strategic marketing elements, branding and advisor
  • Basic and technical English
  • Study of fashion system and metal accessories work cycles
  • Material and components of the metal accessories of the fashion product
  • Material and components of precious fashion product accessories
  • Introduction to goldsmith craftwork
  • Physics, electrochemistry and electroplating
  • Introduction to graphic representation and prototyping techniques
  • rhinoceros prototyping, plug-ins and alternative software
  • Prototyping and reverse engineering of jewellery
  • Regulations, certifications in the goldsmith sector, trademarks and patents
  • Tools and techniques for collection planning
  • Technology and techniques of packaging, assembly, accessories and fashion product packaging
  • industry 4.0 for the fashion sector
  • Additive manufacturing and augmented reality in fashion accessory – internet of things (IoT)
  • Environmental sustainability regulations and life cycle assessment
  • Product and process quality control, tests and controls

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