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S.T.A.R. for FASHION– Sales Textile
Advanced Revolution for FASHION

Level of language proficiency required: Knowledge of English at least at ALTE1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Description: The professional figure that comes from combining the will to invest in quality, the need to promote the territory and the textile manufacturing of excellence, is that of an evolved technician, able to oversee commercial tools, appropriate to the textile product and the markets of reference, also having specific skills in product and process and technical-qualitative innovation. STAR trains new professionals who are able to provide proactive support to managers and entrepreneurs involved in the preparation of marketing and communication plans for fashion textile products, studying their positioning in a specific market segment through sector analysis, benchmarking and research into trends and the potential offered by new digital media. The technician prepares, manages and controls the sales plan for fashion products, monitoring customer satisfaction, using the English language fluently (controlling both technical and commercial terminology). The figure in question also has in-depth specific skills in the product and supply chain of the Prato district; he understands the technological innovations applied to fabrics and knows how to “enhance” innovative and technological research applied to textile products also in an eco-sustainable key.
The path in question is the result of several “solicitations” coming from the main stakeholders of the territory and of the Prato textile district, as well as a careful analysis of the data concerning the production and market trends of the fashion textile supply chain for the coming years. From the group of companies belonging to the textile producers sector of the Fashion System section of Confindustria Toscana Nord, it emerged that there is a strong need for technical figures with distinctive and specific skills in the field of the sale and marketing of textile products, but also with adequate and in-depth knowledge of quality, the textile supply chain and regulations related to sustainability.

Main contents of the didactic program:

  • The value of Made in Italyin fashion
  • Textile culture and enhancement of the territory
  • Organisation of the supply chain in the Prato textile district
  • Safety and prevention in the company
  • Statistics and mathematics
  • Principles of organisation and labour law
  • Elements of business economics and industrial accounting
  • Informatics
  • Technical English
  • Project management
  • Problem setting, problem solving
  • Tools and techniques for managing interpersonal relationships and basic communication
  • Made in management (positioning and purchasing policy)
  • Commercial management in the company: tools and techniques for building a sales plan
  • Advanced communication aimed at sales and customer satisfaction
  • Time management
  • statistics applied to sales data analysis and customer management
  • Sustainability and green approach to textile production
  • Quality – reference standard
  • LCA – Life-Cycle Assessment
  • Industry 4.0 for textiles

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