Academics / Educational offer

Educational offer

MITA Academy offers biennial fashion courses which favour the immediate placement of students in the job market. Our educational offer is wide and varied: from design of leather accessories to fashion marketing, but also production of sustainable fashion and development of commercial strategies for the textile industry, every aspect is addressed with a view to promote the territory and its excellences.

Highly professionalizing course of studies
The study of theoretical concepts is always combined with hands-on training, to prepare our students for immediate insertion into the local and national fashion industry. Frontal lessons are complemented by laboratory hours, during which students develop the technical skills they need to find employment in the fields of fashion, accessories and leather goods.

Internationally acknowledged qualification
After attending MITA Academy, our students achieve a “Higher Technician Diploma in Made in Italy Fashion” (V Level of the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning E.Q.F.).
Our courses, with access to a limited number of students by means of a public selection, have compulsory attendance and a final exam to obtain the Diploma, which is acknowledged by all EU Member States and the most accredited institutions of the world.

Higher education in the fashion capital
Florence is the historic capital of the Made in Italy production, a city at the heart of a territory rich in resources and with a long manufacturing tradition. We are proud to renovate and pass on our cultural heritage to the new generations, through an educational offer that matches theoretical notions to practical work in the laboratory, the handcrafted creation to industrial production.

Areas of basic training:
Scientific and technologic
Legal – economic
Organizational and managerial

Specialized contents:
Material technologies
Industrial design
Modelling and prototypes design techniques
Production costs
Processing cycles
Fashion and product marketing
Planning and production control
Sourcing in fashion companies and network production management

Teaching modules are available to students who do not possess basic technical, technological and English language skills.

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Office opening hours:
From Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00


Location of didactic activities:
Castello dell’Acciaiolo, Via Pantin, Scandicci – Florence
Tel. 055 9335306 – Fax 055 9332959

Registered office:
Castello dell’Acciaiolo, Via Pantin, Scandicci – Firenze
Tel. 055 9335306 – Fax 055 9332959

Locations of the specialized Laboratories:
Province of Florence, Prato, Pisa.

    The school is located in the prestigious Villa l’Acciaiolo, also called Castello dell’Acciaiolo or, more simply, l’Acciaiolo, it is a historic noble residence that is now publicly owned.

    The ITS MITA Foundation operates thanks to the Ministry of Education and Regione Toscana POR FSE. 2014-2020