MITA Foundation


  • to meet the Italian fashion’s industry needs and expectations through technical post-secondary courses;
  • to foster innovation and technology transfer to small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • to spread technical and scientific culture and provide students and their families with comprehensive information about technical jobs;
  • to support the integration among education system, training and employment;
  • to establish systematic relationships with inter-professional funds in order to develop employee training programs;
  • to handle the issue of worker retraining;
  • to develop and manage high apprenticeship courses.

The foundation is made up of the
following companies and organizations:

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Office opening hours:
From Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00


Location of didactic activities:
Castello dell’Acciaiolo, Via Pantin, Scandicci – Florence
Tel. 055 9335306 – Fax 055 9332959

Registered office:
Castello dell’Acciaiolo, Via Pantin, Scandicci – Firenze
Tel. 055 9335306 – Fax 055 9332959

Locations of the specialized Laboratories:
Province of Florence, Prato, Pisa.

    The school is located in the prestigious Villa l’Acciaiolo, also called Castello dell’Acciaiolo or, more simply, l’Acciaiolo, it is a historic noble residence that is now publicly owned.

    The ITS MITA Foundation operates thanks to the Ministry of Education and Regione Toscana POR FSE. 2014-2020