What MITA offers

MITA offers two-year training courses, which have limited enrollment and require attendance. Students’ work is assessed through a final written examination. Upon successful completion of these courses, participants earn a “Higher Technician Diploma in Made in Italy Fashion”, equivalent to the fifth level of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) – officially recognized in all EU countries. Credits may be granted to students willing to continue their university studies.

General education subjects:

  • Foreign languages/Information technology
  • Science and technology
  • Law & Economics
  • Business organization and management

Specialized contents:

  • Materials technology
  • Industrial computed design
  • Modelling and prototyping techniques
  • Production costs
  • Production process cycles
  • Industry and product marketing
  • Production planning & control
  • Fashion outsourcing and production management

The academy also offers short preparation courses, which are specifically designed to help students who need additional English language and academic/technical preparation to succeed at MITA.